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Maber Construction

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Welcome to Maber Construction

Maber Construction & Interiors Ltd provide a professional and dedicated approach, offering  exceptional skills and expertise developed over many years in the industry.  Services provided by the team are;  Design, Project Management, M&E Design and Smart Procurement with the aim and desire to find a solution to every problem.

Drawing upon our operational insight and experience, we consistently deliver high quality project services to our customers, often in demanding and challenging operational conditions. We recognise the importance of independent verification of our processes and have ISO9001, CHAS, and ISO14001 accreditation.

Successful and rewarding experiences depend upon great planning; a dedicated team; inspiring designs and the highest standards of operational excellence. Developing each of these four qualities requires skill, experience and determination bringing them all together successfully, time after time.  This is what sets Maber Construction & Interiors Ltd apart from it's competitors.

Our Expertise

cirInterior Fit Outs

Whether it is refurbishing an existing space, fitting out a new building or working in a trading environment our vision is always to create a high quality space to be proud of.

cirM&E Contracting

Having worked on some keynote projects we understand the benefits of successfully coordinating an M&E scheme. Integration is essential – we know how to do it and we know who to use to get it right.


cirDesign Management

We believe that the design process is at the heart of every successful construction. Our dedicated team ensure that every step of this process meets the client's project objectives.

cirSmall Works & Maintenance

Maber Construction  is often involved in overseeing major construction contracts,  we do however, oversee projects involving smaller works and maintenance.